Performing Manufacturing Operations

About this programme This programme has been designed for those working within the manufacturing sector to provide the knowledge and ability to improve work practise and encourage effective contribution from staff. Through this apprenticeship, employees will understand and apply techniques on how to improve quality and increase productivity whilst reducing cost and waste. Businesses benefit […]

Business Improvement Techniques L2

About this programme By involving employees in the improvement of business efficiency, this Apprenticeship encourages a company culture that is focused on the benefits of continuous improvement, as well as ensuring a safer, more organised workplace. It requires a whole organisational approach to business improvement where individuals are trained to involve themselves, through effective team […]

Business Improvement Techniques L3

About this programme This Business Improvement Techniques qualification at Level 3 is designed for employees that have an important role to play within the business. This is a broad, cross-functional qualification, designed to support the overall effective operation of the business. This qualification enables individuals to develop the skills they need to be able to […]

Smart Meter Apprenticeship

About this programme Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installers are responsible for the safe installation, exchange, commission, decommission and ongoing maintenance of smart metering systems, associated equipment and communication systems. This includes the explanation of how these work and giving up to date energy efficiency advice to the customer. The role is physical in nature, and […]

Business Administration

About this programme This Apprenticeship has been designed to enhance administrative skills and improve efficiency and performance. On completion of this programme Apprentices will be able to demonstrate that they have gained the knowledge and experience to help in their business and become a valuable member of the team. Location and duration of training This […]

Customer Service Practitioner

About this programme This programme has been designed to help employees understand the relationship between customer service and business success. Individuals will be taught the value of delivering good customer service and the skills required to ensure they positively contribute to your companies growth. Location and duration of training This training programme will be delivered […]