Group Horizon lead the way in Smart Meter Installation

Continued success for Group Horizon as they lead the way in Smart Meter Installation nationwide

Through their network of delivery centres Group Horizon are delivering a suite of accredited programmes to meet the demands of this growing industry.

Smart Meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters. They are designed to show energy usage through an in home display and provide accurate billing.

As part of a government target to reduce carbon emissions, 50 million meters will be installed by 2020.

With such as high target for installations there is high demand to up skill those already working in the industry but also to train new entrants.

“At Group Horizon we ensure our training is an exact match for the requirements of industry and the employment market. As low carbon specialists we have been working with Smart Meter development for some time and are very excited to see our accredited courses being delivered across the country” said Peter Behan, Group Horizon Director. He continued; “We are working with businesses of all sizes to train their staff through our programmes which include funded apprenticeship route ways.”

If you are an employer wishing to up skill your staff or if you would like to become a Smart Meter Installer yourself please email Group Horizon’s expert team on


  • Group Horizon are a nationwide training provider specialising in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.
  • Group Horizon has a nationwide network of training centres.
  • Group Horizon run courses to support learners into jobs as well as supporting those in employment on their professional journey.

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