Energy Assessment & Advice

Energy Assessment & Advice

Why choose a career in Energy Assessment & Advice?

The Green Deal is the Government flagship policy to tackle the energy efficiency of 14 million UK households. The Energy Company Obligations (ECO) has led to the availability of funding for energy efficient upgrades such as solid wall insulation. As such demand for competent professionals to carry out this work is high. Feed in tariffs (FITs) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) are continuing to drive the economy and the low carbon industry forward. Opportunities are endless for those with knowledge in this sector.

Eligibility & Funding

This Apprenticeship is eligible for Government funding. Funding is available for new recruits and existing staff. To confirm current eligibility requirements please contact Group Horizon on 0800 002 9805.


This qualification will take 12 months to complete.

What does this Apprenticeship cover?

The Apprenticeship framework consists of three key parts: Competence based element; Technical element and Skills element. There is also the opportunity, if appropriate, to include literacy and numeracy functional skills.

Units covered include:

Conducting energy assessments in a safe, effective and professional manner, Prepare for energy assessments of domestic property, Undertake energy inspections, Produce and issue energy performance certificates, Undertake occupancy assessment and give advice, Provide information to customers on the principles, financing and operation of the Green Deal, Prepare and issue Domestic Green Deal Advice Reports and Explain the Green Deal Advice Report to the domestic customer.

Qualification Received

Energy Assessment and Advice Advanced Apprenticeship.

Jobs you could move into:

On completion of the Advanced Level Apprenticeship candidates will become a qualified domestic Green Deal Advisor (GDA) and be qualified to provide energy assessment on domestic properties, produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Green Deal Advice Reports.

How is the training delivered?

The Apprenticeship will be delivered through a mixture of on the job and classroom training. An Assessor will visit every 6 to 8 week to help support the Apprentice and the organisation.

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