eLearning Development

Group Horizon elearning Development

Group Horizon eLearning Development

Group Horizon can now work with your organisation to develop engaging eLearning programmes. We can offer bespoke programmes which engage learners and drives results. Our eLearning courses combine dynamic graphics, audio, video and a wide range of assessments.

With a wealth of experience of developing and delivering courses, Group Horizon can help to develop an eLearning programme which not only fits your purpose but those of your employees.

Multi file publishing

Our courses can be published, so you can publish them to your own Learning Management System (LMS).

Responsive design

This allows your programmes to respond to different formats such as pc monitors, tablets and mobiles. This allows your learners to access your programmes anywhere.

Comprehensive assessments

Create pre-tests to assess the training level of the learner. Then once they have completed the programme test their knowledge with a wide range of quizzes from multiple choice to short answers.