Group Horizon Part of Successful Warm Up North Bid

Warm Up North

A NEW £200M SCHEME to improve the energy efficiency of up to 50,000 homes has been launched in the North East of England.

Warm Up North is an energy efficiency improvement scheme backed by North East local authorities and delivered by British Gas. Home improvements such as better insulation, new boilers, improved windows or doors will be added to properties making homes more environmentally friendly but also benefiting residents by lowering fuel bills.

Alongside partners British Gas, Group Horizon will be working with individuals to help them take advantage of the 500 plus new jobs Warm up North will create.

Small and micro-businesses will too benefit from the work the scheme will bring and Group Horizon, a strategic partner of British Gas for the project, will be able to support with all training and development needs, helping companies grow and access the supply chain opportunities.

The benefits of the project are endless and Group Horizon are committed to working with key local authority partners and community groups.

Peter Behan, Group Horizon’s Managing Director said, “It is very exciting for Group Horizon to be part of this project, which is the first of its kind. We look forward to working with residents in the North East to help them make the most of the benefits the scheme such as improving the energy efficiency of their homes, but also help them make the most of the hundreds of employment opportunities being created.”


To find out more about the project and Group Horizon’s involvement please contact Lisa Lemaitre on:

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