Scaffolding Apprenticeship

Scaffolders put up scaffolding and working platforms for construction workers to use when building, maintaining or repairing buildings and structures. They assemble scaffolding so that other trades workers can walk on them safely on the outside (and sometimes the inside) of a building. Scaffolding is used for many types of work including; building a new house, restoration work inside buildings and making repairs. Much of a Scaffolders work takes place on construction sites, but jobs are also found working on stands for spectators at sports events and concerts, offshore, petrochemical plants and power stations. During this scaffolding Apprenticeship you will learn to erect and dismantle scaffolding for construction projects. You’ll gain all the skills and knowledge needed to start a career in this industry, which will include interpreting information, estimating resources, learning building methods and building elements.

Qualifications Include

On successful completion of this scaffolding apprenticeship you will receive an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Accessing Operations and Rigging. This will include:

  • Level 2 Construction Diploma in Scaffolding

  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Accessing, Operations and Rigging

  • The Construction Industry Scaffolders’ Record Scheme (CISRS) Scaffolders’ Registration Card

  • Level 1 Numeracy, Literacy and Functional Skills

  • Employment Responsibilities and Rights

  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills


This Apprenticeship is delivered over 18 months.

Download Scaffoling Apprenticeship Flyer