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Team Leader Apprenticeship
Why choose a career in Team Leading?

The Team Leading Apprenticeship offers a balance of on-the-job training, independent study and work experience. This programme is focused on developing both individual and team working skills. Through this Apprenticeship individuals are provided with valuable experience in a variety of team leading related activities to provide a basic knowledge of the various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader and the limits of their authority and accountability.


This Apprenticeship is eligible for Government funding. Funding is available for new recruits and existing staff. To confirm current eligibility requirements please contact Group Horizon on 0800 002 9805.


This Apprenticeship lasts for 12 months.

What does this Apprenticeship cover?      

The Apprenticeship framework consists of three key parts: Competence based element; Technical element and Skills element. There is also the opportunity, if appropriate, to include literacy and numeracy functional skills.

Units covered include:

Managing personal performance and development, Communicating work-related information, Lead and manage a team, Principles of team leading, Understanding business.

Jobs you could move into:

On completion of the Intermediate level, Apprentices can move to the Advanced level and/or move in to any team leading role across a wide range of industries.

Qualification Gained

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading.

How is the training delivered?

An Assessor will visit every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the course of the Apprenticeship to help support the Apprentice and the organisation.

Why Group Horizon?

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve the training needs of both individuals and businesses alike. Our fully accredited qualifications are delivered by our own specialist trainers and assessors who each bring a wealth of experience in their chosen field.

ApprenticeshipsTo find out more or register for a place on one of our nationwide courses call 0800 002 9805 or email


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